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We build custom IKEA™ cabinet doors

Dendra Doors was founded by John Webb Construction & Design to provide high-quality, custom-made doors for IKEA kitchen products. The initial idea was to provide custom doors, drawers, and panels for IKEA’s SEKTION™ and AKURUM™ kitchen cabinets. Today, Dendra Doors has evolved into building custom parts for all of IKEA’s cabinet products including PAX™, GODMORGON™, and BESTA™ storage systems.

Our goal at Dendra Doors is to help design, manufacture, and ship your project directly to your home; ensuring you unwrap the perfect custom IKEA kitchen doors exactly how you envisioned. Our estimate includes the cost of each product plus shipping in full, providing you no extra guessing on your part. Products are custom built for each client’s individual vision. If you need help with the design, let us do the work for you; our staff can help you in making material choices that suit your budget, style, with keeping a consistent flow throughout the entire home. Dendra Doors has multiple profiles of doors, drawers, trim, and custom open shelving. Each profile provides a different feel for your kitchen, bathroom, or storage product.

Dendra Doors offers a countless selection of products including solid wood and veneer in a natural or painted finish; laminate; and even glass doors in a clear, frosted, or reed surface.

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Flat panel, Shaker and glass insert doors in a variety of woods and finishes for both modern and traditional designs.

IKEA Design Service

Our IKEA design experts can help you create a custom space built around your own personal needs and style.


Quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about custom IKEA doors.

We would love to help with your custom IKEA project

If you have an IKEA Home Planner, questions regarding your design, or need help finalizing your materials, please contact us at (503) 939-2566 or info@dendradoor.com with the details.