Custom IKEA™ Doors

Beautiful, handcrafted IKEA cabinet doors, drawers, panels and more in any style imaginable

Service starts from the design phase and ends when your custom IKEA doors are installed.


At Dendra Doors, we provide customers with answers to any design questions regarding materials and colors. Each project is handcrafted in the Dendra Doors shop and ships directly to your front door. Dendra Doors is also available to help with any installation questions.


If you already have an IKEA Home Planner or any other kitchen design with precise measurements for the doors, drawers, panels, and trim pieces; contact us and let one of our staff members provide you with a project estimate. If you are unsure about materials or color choices, our designers will work directly with you to provide your exact vision.


Once the shop receives the order the crew hand craft each part insuring the quality exceeds your expectations. Each project is shipped TWO WEEKS from the date that the deposit arrives to the office unless otherwise stated beforehand.


Each product is individually wrapped and crated by the Dendra Door shop. Clients receive a UPS tracking number when the project is shipped from Dendra Doors. The delivery date will vary based on your location and the time of year.

Installing Your Doors

Once you have installed the kitchen boxes, follow the directions that are provided from IKEA to install Dendra Doors custom IKEA products. All of our products use the same IKEA hinges and will mount directly to the IKEA boxes. Any questions regarding installation please contact our office so we can help provide you with the highest quality service.

Shop Products

Flat panel, Shaker and glass insert doors in a variety of woods and finishes for both modern and traditional designs.

IKEA Design Service

Our IKEA design experts can help you create a custom space built around your own personal needs and style.


Quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about custom IKEA doors.

We would love to help with your custom IKEA project

If you have an IKEA Home Planner, questions regarding your design, or need help finalizing your materials, please contact us at (503) 939-2566 or with the details.