IKEA cabinet doors in a variety of solid woods, paint colors and wood veneers
Solid wood IKEA cabinet doors

Solid Woods

The natural warmth, texture and distinctive character of solid wood.

Painted IKEA cabinet doors

Paint Colors

Painted doors in a full spectrum of illuminating colors from Devine Color.

Natural wood veneer IKEA cabinet doors

Natural Wood Veneers

The beauty and elegance of real wood at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Our custom IKEA doors are available in a variety of styles and materials, giving you virtually unlimited style possibilities to work with. Inherently, DIY means you get to design and build anything you want. In the custom design space where the modern can blend seamlessly with the traditional, custom IKEA cabinet fronts allow you to shape your atmosphere and create a space that fits your own personal needs and style.

“Because it's SO custom, the options are really pretty endless!”

 Yelp Review ⋅ Sarah P., Irvine, CA