Custom Finishes for IKEA Cabinets

Our custom doors are available in a variety of styles and materials, giving you virtually unlimited combinations and style possibilities to work with. Inherently, DIY means you get to design and build anything you want. In the custom design space where the modern can blend seamlessly with the traditional, custom cabinet fronts allow you to shape your atmosphere and create a space that fits your own personal needs and style.

Glass with a backpainted border provides design options in transparency and color.
A seamless, painted look that saves you the time and expense of finishing.
A durable finish for any application in textures, woodgrains and abstracts for any style.
A low-maintenance alternative to traditionally painted wood doors.
A low maintenance, easy to clean finish that will never expand or contract with environmental changes.
A refreshing collection of decorative finish options.
The perfect blend of modern design and timeless style for your IKEA cabinets.
A colorful, modern finish with a non-porous surface that's hygienic and easy to clean.
Gorgeous greens that make rooms feel au natural.
Redefine any interior with the deep colors and rich textures of recycled leather.
Stylish inserts that give creative expression to your IKEA cabinetry.
Organic oranges that infuse rooms with exotic wisdom.
Glass inserts specifically designed for use with LED shelving.
Rich browns and creamy neutrals that brew an aroma of elegance.
Versatile metallics for modern and transitional designs.
Cosmopolitan colors that gamble with a French twist.
Add form and functional appeal with natural light and reflection.
Transform your IKEA cabinets with glass inserts for a beautiful, customized look.
Vintage hues that flatter rooms on a pursuit for loveliness.
Draw focus with glossy Lacobel painted glass colors.
A high-gloss surface with vibrant color that's incredibly durable and easy to maintain.
FENIX NTM is the next step forward in surface technology.
A sustainable, cost-effective material choice for both durability and design consistency.
Beautiful hues of glass with a low sheen, satin appearance.
Alluring and refined for sleek and sophisticated designs.
Metallic inserts coordinate with aluminum frames to create a seamless look.
Custom IKEA cabinets that reflect your personal style.
Youthful yellows that make rooms vibrate with warmth.
Beautiful blues that compose rooms with restful thought.
Natural, nutty neutrals that fill rooms with personality.
High-gloss finish that brings vibrant color to life.
More subtle than a true mirror, PARSOL glass allows the tint color to shine through.
Natural neutrals that fill rooms with sheer delight.
Citrus and spice that fill rooms with everything nice.
Veneer IKEA™ doors that fill your space with the beauty of real wood.
Extraordinary texture creates designs that can be truly experienced.
Down-to-earth tones that reach for the sky.
Satin inserts specifically designed for use with LED shelving.
Perfect purples that make rooms memorably regal.
The warmth and texture of solid wood provides a natural balance and contrast with other materials.
Beautiful wood veneers that are as versatile as the IKEA™ cabinets they're made for.
An eco-friendly alternative to expensive and rare species of exotic woods.
Wood veneers that give any IKEA kitchen, office or family room a touch of natural beauty.
The timeless beauty of real wood in an incredibly durable and easy to care for finish.
Whimsical and vivid hues that awaken your inner child.
Rich reds that satisfy rooms’ passionate appetites.
Lakeside colors that swim with luxurious abandon.
Lush, lovely hues that impart a safari of style.
Playful, untamed hues that bring out the beast in you.
Robust, rich colors that stalk all your senses.
Worldly shades that surround rooms with timeless splendor.

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