Getting Started

Information to help speed your project along

We’re here to keep your DIY project running smoothly with help and resources: answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQ), tips on measuring your kitchen for a redesign and instructions for installing your custom IKEA™ cabinet doors on your kitchen, bathroom, closet or storage cabinet system.

Answers to frequently asked questions about custom IKEA doors


Answers to your most frequently asked questions about custom IKEA doors: design, manufacturing, shipping, installation, warranties and more.

How to measure your kitchen for custom IKEA cabinets

Measuring Your Kitchen

How to measure your kitchen for a perfect fit and help ensure that everything about your IKEA kitchen remodel works out exactly as planned.

How to install custom IKEA cabinet doors

Door & Cabinet Installation

Installing your custom IKEA cabinet doors is quick and easy. We can help with the installation of your cabinet system, too.

“Dendra Doors will customize any cabinet doors or flat surface that needs to match with your IKEA cabinetry.”

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