Prestwich Place

Custom IKEA™ Walnut Cabinets

A modern IKEA kitchen remodel featuring custom IKEA walnut cabinets. Custom cover panels and custom open shelving were installed by John Webb Construction & Design. Dendra Doors built open shelves to match the IKEA cabinetry with LED lighting underneath. Additionally, we made filler strips and cover panels for this kitchen. Finally, we built a custom bookcase for the island, designed with our own material to match the IKEA cabinetry throughout the space.

Project Materials

Walnut solid wood door material
American Walnut (Crown) veneer finish

Semi-custom DIY cabinet project? We can help.

If you have an IKEA Home Planner, questions regarding your design or need help finalizing your materials, please contact us at (503) 939-2566 or [email protected] with the details.