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Handcrafted kitchen doors for IKEA cabinets

This kitchen remodel features custom IKEA kitchen cabinets. We made custom doors and drawer fronts in flat-sawn walnut for this project. Thick walnut cover panels and trim surround the white doors. Also, we built a large, thick island countertop to match the walnut cabinetry. Custom floating shelves were made in walnut with LED lighting underneath. Additionally, a glossy white appliance garage was custom made to match the IKEA ABSTRAKT™ doors.

Project Materials

Floating shelf in a Walnut veneer finish
Walnut solid wood door material
Modern Slab cabinet door and drawer front in solid Cherry
Walnut solid wood door material

Project Data

Location: N/A
Room Type: Kitchen
Design Style: Modern
Cabinet System: 

“My kitchen turned out fabulous. I would like to thank everyone at Dendra Doors — a great job and good product made my dream kitchen come true. I would recommend them for any custom project you may have.”

 Houzz Review ⋅ Debra G.